Energy Healing

Energy Healing is the powerful combinational therapy of both Silent Counselling followed by Bio-Energy Healing. Together these two therapies, will optimise the power and effective healing potential of your therapy session. For clients with back, neck or shoulder problems, Bowen Therapy can be added into the session at no extra cost.

What is Silent Counselling?

Silent Counselling is a deep yet extremely soothing form of therapy that enables you to release negative emotions without the need to disclose their origin to the therapist. It works by using your body’s energy system, rather than your retelling of painful events, to identify and diffuse the negative emotions. Silent Counselling gives you the power to move on from your emotional burdens and replace them with energising feelings of boundless possibility.

What happens during a Silent Counselling session?

The session starts with John Cooper, your Silent Counselling therapist, asking you to identify an event that is causing you emotional pain. This event can be something that is bothering you in your past or something you are dreading of having to face in the future. You can talk about the event if you like, or you may choose not to say anything about it. All you have to do for Silent Counselling to work is to briefly think about the event while holding out an arm that John will lightly touch.

The touching of the arm initiates ‘muscle testing’, which allows John to receive insight, through your body’s energy system, about the specific negative emotions that the memory or anticipation of the event triggers in your body. John will share his findings with you, giving you more clarity on the roots of the problem. He will also provide you with the opportunity to discuss your own reaction to his insights if you wish to do so.

The final stage of the session will focus on diffusing these negative emotions. John will ask you to touch a series of specific meridian points (points where the negative emotion is energetically stored) along your face and arms, while focusing on the event that is bothering you. While touching each of these meridian points, John will ask you to breathe in the negative emotions he has identified, and breathe them out, to free yourself of their influence over you.

Each Silent Counselling session is the start of an extraordinary process of positive transformation that will continue long after the session is over. You will gradually feel yourself getting lighter, as your body’s energy begins to flow freely, without the blockage caused by the negative emotions you released during the session.

Benefits of Silent Counselling

  • identifies and diffuses negative emotions linked to painful events  
  • lowers vulnerability to negative emotions triggered by outside factors
  • builds up internal resources to tackle challenging situations 
  • gives you choice and freedom to move on and make positive changes
  • frees you of negative emotions while retaining privacy and dignity

Recommended combination

Silent Counselling is perfectly complemented by Bio-Energy Healing. The specialised hand techniques of Bio-Energy Healing clear and balance the energy throughout your body, making the healing that has just been initiated by Silent Counselling effective and long-lasting. John is a highly experienced energy practitioner and is offering you Bio-Energy Healing as part of your Silent Counselling session at no extra cost.

What is Bio-Energy Healing?

Bio-Energy Healing is a gentle non-invasive therapy that uses specialised hand movements to release blockages from the body’s energy system. Releasing these blockages restores the body’s own healing ability, thus gradually reducing the debilitating grip of existing ailments and preventing further disease. This is the perfect treatment if you wish to clear away energy blockages and rebalance your energetic system.

What happens during a Bio-Energy Healing session?

At the initial consultation John will ask you for some information regarding any existing or past ailments, and anything else you think might be relevant and you feel comfortable enough to share. In subsequent sessions, the session will begin with John asking you how you have felt since they last saw you.

The next step is for the therapist to scan your energy field through a series of specialised hand techniques a few inches away from your body. To do so, he will ask you to remove your shoes and stand up, if possible. If not, the scanning of the energy field can be done while you are sitting or lying down. During the energy field scan, John will tell you what they find and how this explains the ailments you are experiencing.

John will then start clearing the blockages he finds in your energy field using a series of gentle, non-touch movements around your body. The John will then re-energise and re-balance and your energy centres (chakras), which are located along your body.

For the final stage of the process, John will ask you to sit down, close your eyes, and relax while he completes the process of clearing, energising and re-balancing thereby introducing new healing into your system.

The effect of each Bio-Energy Healing session is cumulative; you will feel progressively more centred, re-energised, and free from your original ailments after each session. This type of healing can be used safely on anyone, from babies to the elderly. For long-lasting effects, a minimum of four sessions is recommended. In addition, many clients eager to optimise their long term health, consider returning for a monthly or six weekly maintenance session.

Benefits of Bio-Energy Healing

  • restores the body’s own healing mechanisms
  • reduces the impact of existing ailments
  • builds resilience against further disease
  • re-energises and revitalises your body and mind

Recommended combination

Bio-Energy Healing is particularly effective when combined with Silent Counselling, a powerful therapies that allow you to shed emotional burdens while allowing you the freedom to talk as little or as much as you like about the issues that are bothering you. Silent Counselling works by moving through emotional burdens quickly, allowing you to address a wide range of unrelated yet debilitating issues in one session.

By addressing your emotional burdens in the privacy of our therapy practice will exponentially increase the power of Bio-Energy Healing to restore your body’s healing mechanisms and so re-energise your life.

What happens during a Bowen Therapy session?

At your first session, your Bowen therapist, John Cooper, will ask you a few questions about the reason for your visit and your health history.

You will then lie down on a therapy table, or be asked to stand or sit, depending on the specific procedures that John is intending to perform during the session. It is best to wear loose, comfortable clothing.

John will then use gentle, precise movements across specific muscles, tendons and ligaments. These moves are designed to unblock areas of stagnant energy, as well as promote the flow of blood and lymph. Each move also sends a healing message to your body, encouraging its own healing mechanism to take over.

There will be pauses during each series of moves, to allow your body time to integrate the signals it is receiving from your therapist. It is common, with Bowen Therapy, that the therapist leaves the room during these breaks. However, as John Cooper, your Bowen therapist, is also a Bio-Energy Healing practitioner, he instead uses these pauses to perform a series of Bio-Energy moves around your body. These moves are designed to access the electromagnetic field around your body and further encourage your body’s ability to heal.

Bowen Therapy works based on the principle that ‘less is more’. The pressure applied to your body during the session is likely to be less than you would expect, doing away with the need for repetitive and often invasive action. As a result, Bowen can be used even in cases of extreme trauma, or with frail, elderly people and very young babies.

After the session, you will feel a deep sense of overall relaxation, and relief from your usual aches and pains. Your body will continue to process the healing signals for up to 10 days after each session.

It is recommended that you book Bowen Therapy sessions approximately one week apart for the first three visits. After that, John may recommend a pause of 3 to 4 weeks before resuming treatment if necessary. Despite its minimalist approach, Bowen Therapy is so effective that in most cases you will be free from pain in your body after only a few sessions.

Benefits of Bowen Therapy

  • fast-acting relief from pain
  • deep sense of relaxation and well-being
  • improved energy flow through the whole body
  • prevents further damage and increased pain

Recommended combination

You may want to combine Bowen Therapy with Silent Counselling, to exponentially increase the power of each Bowen session to remove aches and pains from your body. As our body is connected with our emotions, the emotional healing initiated by Silent Counselling is suited to complement and amplify the effects of Bowen Therapy.

John Cooper, Energy Healing Scotland

John Cooper, Healing Scotland

Contact John directly on 01738 550091 to organise an appointment.

John has been working with energy in the human body since 1993. He was attracted to this area of work because of his empathic ability and his gradual realisation that he could use it to help others.

John has honed his empathic abilities while training and working as a therapist in a variety of energy-related fields: Silent CounsellingBio-Energy Healing and Bowen Therapy. In addition to employing existing therapies in his practice, John is also a passionate innovator in the field of therapy work leading to the development of Silent Counselling with his wife Marjorie Cooper.

In addition to his work at the Norwell Health & Training Centre (formally Norwell Clinic), John is now also providing therapy sessions at Aviemore Beauty.


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December Special Offers

Full body massage 1hr / £50 (Normally £60) Massage Deep Tissue, Relaxing Swedish or energising Lymphatic drainage. Hot Stone Back, Neck & shoulder massage 30mins/£25 (Normally £35) Hand & nail self care CND Christmas goodie bag… £15 of products for only £10. A perfect stocking filler. Includes mini sizes: Mango

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