Massage therapy in Aviemore – Swedish, Deep Tissue and Hot Stones… Stressed, tired sore or tense? Try Massage Therapy.

Massage can help in the following ways:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety by relaxing both mind and body
  • Create a feeling of well-being and enhanced self-esteem
  • Promote positive body awareness and an improved body image through relaxation
  • Ease emotional trauma through relaxation

Therapeutic Swedish Body Massage

Enjoy a relaxing swedish massage to ease tired, stressed muscles and aid lymphatic drainage.

Feet - £20 / 15 mins

Neck & Shoulders - £25 / 20 mins

Back, Neck & Shoulders - £33 / 30 mins

Full Body - £60 / 1 hr

Massage - Deep Tissue, Hot Stones, Theraputic Swedish
Massage - Deep Tissue, Hot Stones, Theraputic Swedish
Massage - Deep Tissue, Hot Stones, Theraputic Swedish
Massage Aviemore - Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Stress Relief

Deep Tissue Massage

We also offer deep tissue techniques which are highly effective in easing severe tension, treating injuries and preventing the development of loosening scarred tissue.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Taking massage to another level... This really is a truly relaxing treatment to to ease the stresses on the mind body and soul. Using a combination of Swedish massage and smooth flat heated volcanic stones which allow deeper penetration into the muscles allowing them to relax. An absolute treat and a perfect gift voucher idea.

Full Body  -£70 / 1 hour

Back, Neck & Shoulders - £35 / 30 mins

  • Full body £70 / 1 hour
  • Back £35 / 30 mins

If you like what we do then please feel free to tell others…. if you don’t like what we do then please tell us.

I have been coming to Sally -Ann for over 10 year. Her approach to to working with clients is amazing. Her ability to massage leaves you feeling de stressed, de knotted and relaxed. She always goes that little bit further that requires thinking first and foremost of the client. I live in Paisley and have found no one in the central belt that matches Sally-Anns' ability, hence I make several trips up North specially to see her and her "healing hands"

During a break away and after googling beauty salons in Aviemore my partner and I found ourselves booked in for 2 back, neck & shoulder massages at Aviemore Beauty on the main road. Initially requesting a medium pressure massage and after explaining that I suffer from headaches at the base of my neck, Sally -Ann recommended and explained the benefits of a slightly deeper pressure and WOW!! She was right. My neck and shoulders feel amazing. As someone who has had a lot of massages, this was the first time EVER that the therapist has turned me over to lie on my back in order to work on my neck. It was fantastic and very beneficial. Sally-Ann is amazing at what she does and my only disappointment is that I live in Aberdeen.

Truly amazing massage. Sally Ann managed to remove deep sited knots & tension. I've hunted high and low for someone who does great deep tissue massage, they are a rare breed... Well worth the hunt. Carole McLellan Massage & holistic therapist.


Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm

Saturday - 10am - 4pm

Sunday - closed


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