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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a method of understanding how we think, communicate, and process emotions. NLP is about knowing what is going on inside you and what is going on inside others. NLP specializes in defining excellence and creating a way for others to do the same, easily and effortlessly. We all search for information differently and we all like to receive information in a way that best suits our preferred modality.

NLP is a short term goal-orientated and practical therapeutic approach to problem solving. Whatever problem you have, NLP can help. People use NLP for many reasons and have often explored other forms of therapy and counselling beforehand. Areas that can be helped include coping with/stress management, anger management, anxiety, improving performance, pain management; the list is endless. There are many reasons why choosing to have use NLP will improve your life. What happens as a result of a session is in your hands. Past problems can be explored and NLP techniques used to set you on a path towards achieving your goals. As well as noticing change in yourself, those around you in personal or professional capacities will notice changes too. You will experience life changing events during NLP Therapy. NLP Therapy is about action, it’s dynamic and energetic, making the changes you want to change happen now.

NLP and Self-Help

Everyone has all the resources they need to make positive changes in their life, NLP techniques are used as a tool to facilitate these changes, leaving you to concentrate on what you are thinking, feeling and any other sensory observations. New patterns of behaviour are established and the NLP techniques learned can be used in other situations. So YOU become your own expert. This reduces the potential for reliance on the trained therapist which can be the case with other therapies.

NLP can be content free

NLP Therapy can also be content free. This means the therapist can be effective without knowing about the problem in great detail. Clearly this is a major advantage of NLP over traditional therapies as people seeking therapy may be embarassed about the idea of discussing personal issues one to one with a stranger. The very nature of NLP removes this hindrance.

NLP Therapy can be fast

As well as being content free, experience shows that NLP Therapy also tends to be fast, typically resolving issues in several brief sessions, which will of course make it very cost effective and much cheaper than traditional therapies. 

Emotional Problems

NLP techniques provide new ways of dealing with emotional problems such as low self esteem, anxiety, lack of confidence, destructive relationship patterns, coping with a break up and are successful in effective bereavement councilling.

Fears and Phobias

Phobias such as spiders, heights, dogs, escalators, water, lifts/elevators, etc can be overcome as there are many NLP phobia cures available depending on the subject and your personal circumstances. The same phobia cures are successfully used on fears, such as fear of failure, fear of public speaking, fear of examinations and fear of driving.

Increased Performance

NLP can help improve performance, so making a good performance excellent and also improving the consistency of performance. It feels good to do well, and it feels VERY good to do well all the time. People perform at all levels, from the person who views golf as a hobby to the professional athlete. We all enjoy that feeling of knowing our game has improved, and for some high achievers that improvement is paramount to stay ahead. Achieving and maintaining good performance is essential at all levels including work and personal relationships. Performance is often judged by others. Having the clarity to notice this and listen to what others are telling you is an asset. NLP can help develop the skills needed for relationships that stay ahead.

Stress reduction and weight control for a healthier lifestyle

NLP has been successfully used with weight reduction and many other healthier lifestyle choices . There are clearly physical benefits from having a one to one NLP session especially when coping with stress When we struggle with problems we feel the effects of stress, especially when the problems are longstanding. Addressing the problem reduces the level of stress so therefore not only do we feel better emotionally, we feel physically better too.

Sally Ann uses NLP and hypnosis combined for the fastest & best results please refer to hypnotherapy page for prices

NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming

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Lacking motivation and confidence I went to Sally Ann to help me!! She taught me techniques to motivate myself and build up my self confidence. All I can say is that I was astounded at how quickly and easily it worked and help me totally change my life and find new opportunities which I would have normally missed. It has really changed my outlook on life for the better.


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