Soul Healing hypnotherapy

I qualified as a Clinical hypnotherapist in 2012 along with Neurolinguistic programming, life coaching and cognitive behavioural therapy. In 2021 I studied QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy Technique) Level 1 with the late Dolores Cannon and in 2022 Studied SCHH (Soul Centred Healing Hypnosis) with Laura Whitworth. I continue every day to learn and research this vast and fascinating subject into the unseen quantum world. Just because we cannot see it does not mean it doesn’t exist!

QHHT Sessions Explained

*This therapy must be done in person and not online and typically involves about 4 hrs of the following.

1-1 &1/2 hrs pre session chat to find all about your life from birth until present day

2- 2 &1/2 of hypnotherapy taking you into the theta brainwave state to access a past life experience and connect with your higher self / subconscious and receive much healing on an emotional and physical level and to answer your deep heart felt questions you have asked

1/2 hr of after session chat

The session will be recorded and sent out to you the same day for you to listen to anytime you like.

  • £199 Investment

I have been on a huge rollercoaster of ups and downs throughout my life and began my spiritual journey over 20 years ago and have personally suffered stress, anxiety, depression, alcohol abuse, traumatic relationships and plenty other challenging life events. Therefore I deeply understand how testing this world can be and make us feel that there is no hope.

I am fully healed to the deepest level, therefore I’m in the privileged position to help heal others who are experiencing challenges in their lives and would like to deep dive into finding out who you truly are and like me heal yourself by releasing the trauma and start living your life again to your maximum potential.

No topic / subject is out of bounds when you connect with me from the paranormal, aliens & abductions, Artificial intelligence, ghosts & spirits to ritual abuse and you will find yourself in a safe space with a therapist who has a vast knowledge of how this place we call earth works and what we are all doing here at this time.

I was told back in 2018 by a wonderful lady who would channel information to help me in the best way forward for me that the “compass was set for me to deal with SOUL RETRIEVAL and this was my gift and what my calling is to do” She and I had no idea what this was and fast forward on 4 years I discovered through my new hypnotherapy training that earth bound spirits and entities really do exist and can attach onto us the living humans on this earth. I feel so privileged that I can find these lost souls and cross them back over to the light. It can be very emotional but also very rewarding when you find them re-unite with family members who have been searching for them for such a long time.

Hypnotherapy is an incredibly successful way of helping people with an enormous number of psychological, physical & emotional problems.

Hypnosis is a safe powerful technique which creates a deeply relaxed state of the body and the mind, where the mind is focussed on the internal world via the use of visualisation techniques. This is similar to a natural state that we enter into many times a day. It is a relaxed state somewhere being awake and asleep, a little bit like day dreaming. Whilst in this state the subconscious mind can be very receptive to beneficial suggestions which will promote a positive change. Throughout a treatment you will always be aware and in total control.


So many of us feel that something is not quite right, we don’t feel 100%, but we just can’t put our finger on what it is that is wrong. We can go through life as thought we are carrying a great weight on our shoulders but have no idea how to rid ourselves of our problem. Through hypnosis we can tap into our “HIGHER” self, the true essence and spiritual part of ourselves where all the answers lie. Over the past few decades the world has been moving at such a fast pace that we as spiritual sovereign beings have lost track of who we really are since our time of birth due to external influences such as the family we are born into, our education, religious beliefs, peer pressure etc. We forget that we are the master of ourselves therefore have the ability to navigate through the muddy waters of life with ease. This is something that has never been taught to us, this is for us to discover for ourselves!

“Be the one at the sail and the master of your sea”


What is Quantum Soul Centre Healing Hypnosis

This fantastic therapy involves going through a past life regression with a twist. Many situations are not covered in many past life regression techniques, such as trauma from this lifetime that needs to be worked through before progressing into past lives. Many of us will have experienced some form of trauma at some point in our lifetime, whether it be physical, sexual or emotional abuse. when this happens the pain we experience inside can fracture our protective auric field and allow lower density energies to attach onto our energy centres (chakras) Which can then over the years deplete us of energy, create negative dark thoughts which can leave you feeling incomplete, causing a multitude of emotional and physical problems as you progress through your life, gradually getting worse until you decide to address them.

Some signs that you may have a negative energy attachment

  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Low self esteem
  • Personality or behavioural changes
  • Rapid mood swings
  • Destructive or self sabotaging behaviours
  • Getting upset for no reason
  • Brain fog
  • Altered personality when you drink alcohol
  • Addictions

What is included in a session ?

This therapy is best being split into 2 sessions 2 weeks apart for optimum results to allow the new energy and vibration in your body to settle in completely after the 1st one. Then you will be fully ready for the magic to happen in the 2nd session.

1st session is typically 3.5 – 4hr long

Pre-session chat to find out all about you

Progressive relaxation hypnosis

Energy/spirit attachment & trauma release, full chakra rebuild & auric reseal. If there is time we can go on to ask some higher self questions if appropriate.

After Session follow up chat with advice on lifestyle improvements and how to fully protect yourself from any other negative energies affecting you in the future.

2nd Session is typically 3 to 3.5 hrs

Pre session chat followed by progressive relaxation hypnosis & energy / spirit attachment release

Past life regression / multidimensional soul travel where your higher self will naturally guide you to the most pertinent lifetime needed to be seen in order to give clarity to your present lifetime.

Higher self Questions (up to 10) And healing

After Session follow up chat.

What to expect in a session

The main thing is to have no expectations and trust the universe will give you the exact information required for you on the day. Some people will not remember all of their session, they will remember the 1st part of the session as the brainwave state is in Alpha and as we progress through into a deeper state of Theta where you are almost asleep.

Strong and seasoned meditators will find hypnotherapy a breeze, but if you have never explored what is inside your mind and soul before you may find it more difficult, but it’s like anything the more you do the better you become!

If you do not meditate already, I highly recommend doing so on a regular basis in order to have the most successful healing session.

It is a requirement for you that you can visualise to a certain extent and use a wired headset with a microphone attached that can be positioned in front of the mouth as I find these sessions work best via Zoom video calls as you will not have to travel to see me if you live at a distance and you tend to be more relaxed in the comfort of your own home and surroundings, also after such a long session you will not feel like driving afterwards.

All sessions are recorded and sent out the same day for you to listen to as you may not remember all of the session and by listening to it several times you will continue to heal and have a greater understanding of what occurred during the session.

Cost of investment – £199 or 2 for £349

Below is the link for the form to fill in prior to a session

Initial consultation over the phone is free of charge. The purpose of this is to take a detailed history, establish what you want to achieve and to formulate a plan for therapy and/or coaching.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Session For those not ready for the deep dive!

Cost of Investment £70 / 1.5 hrs

  • Phobias
  • Stop Smoking
  • Lose Weight
  • Overcome Addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Develop Better Habits
  • Confidence
  • Depression
  • Self-Control
  • Improve your Sporting Skill
  • Post Traumatic Stress
  • Bad Memories

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Great session with Sally-Ann. I got to meet my late partner, sister and Mother in the spirit realm which gave me great comfort to know they are all ok. She also helped rid me of my anxieties. Jim Scotland

I attended a Quantum soul healing session in person with Sally-Ann and was not prepared for what happened next! Sally-Ann gave me a complete soul healing and am still feeling the effects of this several weeks later, it has highlighted several health issues I was unaware of and am now working to resolve. It was also fascinating discussing things with sally-Ann, who is an excellent listener and has helped me to understand many things in my life that have been troubling me, causing some of my health issues. I have not yet felt able to listen to the recording of my session as I feel I am still analysing things , hopefully sometime in the future I will be able to listen to it .I would highly recommend Quantum Soul Healing for anyone who is finding things difficult in their life at the moment. I do hope my review can help others to also experience this fabulous treatment. Michelle. UK

I want to thank Sally-Ann for her wonderful SCHH session. Her calming and soothing voice allowed me to go deep and fully relax. I received profound answers for my journey in life and have felt so much lighter since the session. The healing part in the beginning was truly wonderful and we explored a life which gave me a deeper understanding of who I truly am and where I come from. I highly recommend a session with Sally-Ann. Gudun. Iceland

My experience with Sally-Ann was extremely beautiful and very powerful. She has an amazing hypnotic voice , that allowed me to do super deep and to be able to receive the maximum benefits of the session. I can already feel my creativity returning to me, as well as the energy of laughter and joy. I would recommend her to anyone. Brad. USA

I have now had a few sessions with Sally-Ann and every time she has made me feel relaxed and safe during the sessions. She was extremely thorough in clearing out the unwanted energies in my last session and it was an absolutely amazing experience to feel my body be clear for the first time. Sally-Ann has shown a commitment to my personal healing journey and has supported me through the whole process. I am so thankful I met her and will most definitely be having another session with her when I need one in the future. Becky. Wales UK

My session with Sally-Ann enabled me to let go of a trauma that I’d carried with me for most of my life, 35 years to be precise. I can now look back on what happened with gratitude and love , instead of grief and guilt. It feels like a burden has lifted and feels more relaxed not to carry this anymore. Thank you Sally-Ann for you professional and compassionate guidance in facilitating this transformation. Chantal. UK

I had the lovely privilege of being one of Sally-Ann’s practice sessions for SCHH. This was the 2nd session I have done with her but the 1st one using her new technique. Firstly I would like to say that from my experience as a hypnotherapist myself , I know how difficult it can be to work with therapists that know all about hypnotherapy and how that can sometimes influence a session. However having worked with Sally-Ann previously, I was becoming comfortable with her work and her techniques which definitely positively impacted my session. I felt as the session went on that I was becoming more absorbed in the experience. This particular session brought up a lot of emotions and an attachment that I felt resolved within the session. It was certainly an interesting experience, and the results from the session were tangible in the healing that followed. I had a huge energetic purge following the session and the benefits of it once it had settled and I had processed what had occurred during the treatment. Since then I have felt clear and balanced. I highly recommend Sally-Ann and her Soul healing technique to all those who need a spiritual deep clean and rebalancing. Sally-Ann is very passionate and professional in her work and creates a lovely comfortable setting for your session. I thoroughly enjoyed feeling myself come into balance as a result of my experience. Thank You Sally-Ann. Iain. UK

I have suffered anxiety for many years and tried to fight it myself. I tried CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and this for me was very unhelpful. I was not wanting to take long term medication so therefore struggled for along time on my own. Eventually the anxiety took over and i was unable to do a lot of daily things let alone go anywhere. This didn’t only have a massive affect on me but also my husband and 3 young children. My children were becoming aware of my anxiety and got most upset when they saw me having panic attacks. I lost a lot of weight and was unable to function properly on a day to day basis. I had heard about hypnotherapy but sat very much on the fence. I had to go to London as my family were all getting together and thought “how on earth am i going to manage?” At this point i phoned Sally-Ann for advice and decided to go for it as i had nothing to loose. My first appointment saw my anxiety through the roof but Sally-Ann made me feel very welcome and before long i had calmed down. My first session was an amazing experience but went away still sitting on the fence. A week later i returned and had one more session and my experience at this one was fantastic. I got to London, went on the tubes, rides etc etc and can even get out of my village to hit the shops! I will always fight with my anxiety but whatever Sally-Ann did on my 2 sessions it has worked and my children can see such a difference in me and my weight is started to creep up. I highly recommend this service to anyone that suffers anxiety or any issues in their lives. Don’t give up ! Thank you once again Sally-Ann.Lorraine xx 

I had a car accident in June 2013 and found it incredibly difficult to not only drive but get into the car! I went to my doctors who could help with drugs but I decided to try hypnotherapy to see if this would help first. I have to say it was AMAZING I only needed one session and I am 99% better in the car and while driving – in fact I think I am more confident than I was before! My health issues relating to this are now non-existent – I would recommend using this therapy if you have an issue that just doesn’t seem to want to go away!!! THANK YOU again and again and again! Susan.

Lacking motivation and confidence I went to Sally Ann to help me!! She taught me techniques to motivate myself and build up my self confidence. All I can say is that I was astounded at how quickly and easily it worked and help me totally change my life and find new opportunities which I would have normally missed. It has really changed my outlook on life for the better. Tommy.

Having been a smoker for over 20 yrs I decided at the start of this year it was time to give up. I was put on the patches with each patch staying on for 24hrs. Over the first week it certainly reduced my cravings but I did have the occasional cigarette as I couldn’t get all the cravings out my mind. Having had a chat with Sally Anne about hypnotherapy to help me stop completely I thought I would give it a try although I was quiet nervous and sceptical about the hole process. Sally Ann and I sat talking for a while as to why I wanted to stop, we discussed the benefits both medical & financial, which when added up the money I would be saving was incredible! After chatting Sally Ann had me lie down on the comfy bed & began the hypnotherapy. I was very much aware and in total control throughout the hole process. I felt so relaxed listening to Sally Ann’s voice and at one point got a bit emotional. When Sally Ann had finished I sat up feeling very refreshed but very much aware of everything that was said. I went straight home, took off the patch and its now been 5 wks and I can honestly say I have had not one craving for a cigarette since! I can’t believe after all these years I am now finally a non smoker! I would certainly recommend Sally Ann to anyone wanting to kick the habit, she was truly amazing and I am so grateful to her. That’s me now booked our summer holiday and the money I will have saved from smoking has paid for it all!! Thank you so much Sally Ann. Lorna. 

 I was still a little dazed and lost for words when our session finished on Friday. So, just wanted to say thank you, again, for your time.
I felt like a weight had been lifted and the ‘thing’ did not come into my thoughts at all for the rest of the day. It tried to return over the weekend but the technique to shut it down by just saying “no, shut the f**k up” has been very effective. One day I want to understand why an imaginary thing could have such an impact on my mental health, but I’d like to finish by saying I found our one session more beneficial than 8 sessions of cognitive behavioural therapy.
With kind regards John W

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Boost the health of your skin with a 10% discount on all Facial Treatments for the whole month of April. We offer many types of facials using Dermalogica & Environ Products, click the link below to access all that we do. We offer FREE consultations by calling 01479 812166 and

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